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Peacock Beach Hotel

The Peacock Beach Resort is located in Hambantota, a newly developed city in the South, 240km south of Colombo overlooking the Indian Ocean. Direct on the broad sandy Beach of Hambantota this luxurious hotel is situated in spacious gardens, dotted with many shady palm trees featuring 102 rooms equipped with all modern amenities, all boasting balconies with direct sea views. 

The beauty of the Hotel is further highlighted by the fusion of activities available for all travellers. Be it a safari in Yala, Bundala or UdaWalawe or a spiritual trip to Kataragama or to watch a Cricket match in the Cricket Stadium all this and  more can be made available to you within easy reach.

The Safari

A rejuvenating retreat from the daily rigors of urban living, with an extraordinary and refreshing array of features and scenically located by the ancient ‘Tissa Wewa”, The Safari – Tissa comprise 50 rooms, a main dining restaurant, spacious pool area, volleyball court and tennis courts. It is also strategically located close to many places of religious and cultural interest such as much visited Shrine in Kataragama, the great pilgrim shrine, which is dedicated to Skanda, a popular Hindu deity.

Yala Tree House

Indulge yourself in the perfect hideout at Yala national reserve in the deep down south of Sri Lanka. It would no doubt simulate the experience of a hawk on a treetop where you would enjoy the rich fauna and flora around you. 

Rather than you going to the wild to catch a glimps of landmark species steriotypic to the area, curious beasts such as the Sri Lankan leopard (kotiya), Sri Lankan elephant (aliya), sloth bear (walaha) and million and one native and migratory birds would parade around you to see who you are. 

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Diora Cabs

We Diora Cabs in Sri Lanka is one of the new born cheapest and efficient Car rental reservation agencies in Sri Lanka and we are specialized in providing transport services any destination in Sri Lanka including airport transfers that are quick, reliable and competitive.

Our operation runs Hambantota very closer to the Mattala Rajapaskhe International Airport to make all airport transfers more convenient.

Diora Cabs always places our customers in top priority as we understand that you are our most important asset. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted with the greatest and deepest respect in our clean comfortable and well-maintained vehicle. This is our sincere promise to you.

Sri Lanka Wild Safari

We Sri Lanka Wild Safari has been organising events such as Day Safari, Campsite Safari, Tree House Safari, Special Bird Watching Safari, Night Safari and Excursions in Yala Sri Lanka for more than five years to serve the nature lovers while actively participate in nature conservation.Alternate safaris will be made available to Udawalawe, Bundala and Lunugamvehera National Parks and excursions to the Sithul Pawwa archaeological site and some lakes such as Yoda Wewa, Tissa Wewa, Debara Wewa, Amara Wewa and Gonapattiya Wewa.(Please contact us for more information)

Health & Safety

Sahana Medi House

'Sahana Medi House' : A place where you will find many solutions for your health issues in the area with latest techonology and well experienced medical staff who are really care about you. 

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