Welcome to Hambantota - 'The State of Art'

Hambantota is famous among travellers for its salt flats and intensely hot arid zone climate. With sweeping sandy beaches on the side, it is a convenient base city for tourists exploring the nearby Bundala National Park, Yala National Park and the temples at Kataragama. Most inhabitants of Hambantota are Sinhalese and Malays.

Hambantota district is part of the traditional south known as Ruhuna. Also known by the names of ‘Mahagama’ ‘Ruhuna’ and ‘Dolos dahas rata’ Hambantota was the centre of a prospering civilization in Sri Lanka. Historical information says that about 200BC, the first Kingdom of Sri Lanka was Anuradhapura. Due to a personal dispute with King Devanampiyathissa of Anuradhapura, his brother King Mahanaga established a new kingdom at Ruhuna in the south of the Sri Lanka that played an important role in upbringing of the nation and the Sri Lankan Buddhist culture.

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